Friday, May 29, 2009


The EEF is proud to announce its new affiliation with, America's largest provider of art prints, photos and posters.
Use the links, on right, to go directly to the art category that most interests you, to see the very best choices we've compiled from thousands of Earth & Nature images.

Other categories include Space-Astronomy, Science and Technology, plus 350 beautiful prints of Scenic Landscapes, Gardens, Trees, Flowers & Weather.

Computerized Multi-Media Environments

Thanks to the marvels of 21st-Century technology, The Earth Ecology Foundation is now able to provide you with up-to-date Internet reports, Google Earth satellite mapping, on-line Nature Art, RSS Science & Technology feeds, plus direct links to hundreds of helpful websites.

Best of all is our ability to present hundreds of specially categorized videos, from thousands of YouTube amateur & pro video-producers, across the wide spectrum of Earth Sciences.

From Environmental Issues, Ecological Subjects, Student Guides to Geography & Weather, Advances in Solar Technology, new Energy Sources, plus Architecture & City Planning and Public & Private Transportation.

Our most recent and updated YouTube video collections will enable us to all stay aware of current affairs, public opinions and the very lastest in Eco-Tech developments.